Animated Video Marketing for Social Media

Animated videos are all the rage these days. People love them because they’re visually appealing and super engaging. But here’s the thing: creating awesome animated videos is just the start. If you want your videos to get noticed and gain traction, you’ve to promote them like a pro on social media.

In this ultimate guide, we’re diving into all the juicy tips, strategies, and best practices to help you with your animated video marketing for and make you a king of animated social media marketing.

Why should you even bother promoting your animated videos on social media?

Well, let me tell you. Animated videos are a fantastic when it comes to conveying information, telling stories, and captivating your audiences. By opting animated video marketing for social media, you can reach a wider segment of audience, boost visibility of your brand, and get people engaged with your content. Social media is like a goldmine for sharing, promoting and getting viral through content, so it’s the perfect place to show off your animated videos and animated content and grab attention. Plus, not only will it help you make more moolah, but it’ll also leave a lasting impact on your viewers.

How To Do Animated Video Marketing Of Social Media?

Now, let’s go through some point necessary to keep in mind for animated video marketing on social media. No matter what are the video marketing trends, these steps will help you rock the social media game:

Get to Know Your Audience:

For a successful animated video marketing for social media, you have to understand who you’re targeting. Do some research to figure out their demographics, interests, and preferences. This data will help you modify your content promotion, and animated video marketing strategies to really reverberate with your audience to ensure you get engagements and impacts at their maximum.

Make Killer Animated Videos:

Make sure your animated videos are of top-notch quality before you begin to promote them. These videos play a crucial role in grabbing your audience’s attention, so you have to design them with care. Here are a few essential elements to keep in mind:


Create a convincing story that hooks your viewers and keeps them glued to the screen.

Visual Appeal:

Use superior visuals, vivacious colors, and striking animations to make your animated videos visually stunning.

Keep It Short and Sweet:

Shorter, crisp and concise animated videos perform way better on social media channels, so keep them concise and focused.

Call to Action:

Don’t forget to include a clear, simple, yet creative call to action at your video’s end, motivate viewers to act like visiting homepage of your website or your channel subscription.

Optimize Video Titles and Descriptions:

optimize their titles and descriptions to make sure your animated videos get discovered on social media. Use keywords in the titles and make them descriptive to represent your animated videos accurately. Craft enticing descriptions that make people want to click your videos and watch them right away. And don’t forget to naturally sprinkle in relevant keywords to expand video’s search visibility and appeal the right audience.

What Social Media Platforms Are Best For Animated Video Marketing?

Now, let’s talk about which social media you should be using for animated video marketing. There are tons of platforms out there, but here are some of the best ones to leverage:


The king of social media. First and foremost you should make a Facebook page dedicated to your brand. Use it for your animated video marketing. Share your videos directly on Facebook to reach a wider segment of audience. Involve with your viewers by responding to comments, asking questions, and encouraging shares. And hey, don’t forget to run some Facebook ads to target precise demographics and increase the reach of your videos.


This platform is perfect for promoting any type of video content, including animated videos. Craft short and memorable tweets that shows the important aspects of your videos. Use hashtags to help you increase your video’s discoverability and link yourself with relevant conversations. And hey, why not connect with plethora influencers and leading leaders of industry on Twitter to expand your video’s reach and get to know their audience?


Set up a visual paradise by getting Instagram business account. You get to access cool analytics and features for promotion. Leverage Instagram’s IGTV, to promote your animated videos in all their glory. And don’t forget to create engaging, captivating and interactive stories on Instagram to generate more excitement and redirect audiences to your animated videos posts. Oh, and collaborating with influencers on Instagram is a smart move too!


The professional playground. Enhance and optimize your LinkedIn profile first. You can use:

  • A professional looking headshot
  • Incredibly written bio
  • Add link to your animated videos.

Always share snippets your animated videos for effective animated video marketing on LinkedIn. Thes kind of LinkedIn posts temper people’s interest and drive more traffic. Join industry-related LinkedIn groups to share your newly produced animated videos. It will help you gain more exposure and let you engage with more and more professionals. And hey, don’t be afraid to explore LinkedIn’s advertising options. It will help you target industry professionals to expand your reach.


The ultimate video platform. Optimize your video titles and descriptions with targeted keywords. Not only it will improve your video’s search rankings but also helps in attracting organic traffic. Create eye-catching thumbnails that truthfully embody your animated videos content and make people want to click. End your videos with a clear call to actions. It will help user direct to your channel subscription or watch linked videos. And hey, collaborating with your niche’s popular YouTubers or YouTube influencers is a smart move too.


The land of short and snappy videos. Alter your animated videos into short clips that are suitable for TikTok’s content format/trends. Use creative effects and popular music tracks to make your videos different. Jump on TikTok challenges and trends to maximize engagement. And remember to engage with the your TikTok community by responding to comments. You can also make collaboration with different influencers to expand your TikTok reach.


So there you have it! Each social media platform has its unique features and audience, so make sure you tailor your approach accordingly. Now go out there and promote your awesome animated videos like a social media superstar!

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