Find out how much Bert Kreischer is worth in 2022

Bert Kreischer is a renowned American comedian and podcaster who has been in the entertainment industry for over two decades. The comedian has gained immense popularity for his unique style of stand-up comedy, which involves sharing hilarious and often outrageous personal stories that often leave audiences in stitches. Over the years, Kreischer has built a massive following, with fans eagerly anticipating his next performance. As such, many are curious about Bert Kreischer’s net worth in 2022.

As an accomplished comedian, podcast host, actor, and writer, Bert Kreischer has worked tirelessly to build his brand and establish himself as one of the leading figures in the comedy world. With multiple successful shows and projects under his belt, it’s no surprise that he has amassed substantial wealth throughout his career. In this article, we will delve into Bert Kreischer’s early life and career beginnings before exploring his net worth as well as the various sources of income that have contributed to it. We will also examine some of the challenges and controversies he has faced along the way while highlighting his future plans within the industry.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Kreischer’s early life and career beginnings are characterized by his upbringing in Tampa, Florida, where he spent most of his childhood. He attended Jesuit High School before enrolling at Florida State University to study English.

After graduating from college, Kreischer moved to New York City with the goal of becoming a professional stand-up comedian. However, his career did not take off as quickly as he had hoped, and he struggled financially for several years. Despite these setbacks, Kreischer continued to work hard and eventually gained recognition for his unique brand of humor. Today, he is one of the most successful comedians in the industry, with an estimated net worth of $20 million.

Bert Kreischer’s Comedy Style

Characterized by a high level of energy, anecdotes, and physical comedy, the performance style of Bert Kreischer is known to captivate audiences. He has been hailed for his ability to deliver observational humor that resonates with individuals from all walks of life. Through his storytelling techniques, Bert takes his audience on a journey through his life experiences, inviting them into his world and making them feel like they are part of the story.

Bert’s comedy style is unique in that he often draws inspiration from his personal experiences and the people he encounters throughout his life. His stories can range from hilarious tales about being a father to more poignant reflections on growing up in America. With an uncanny ability to connect with his audience, Bert’s performances are not just about delivering jokes but also about creating an immersive experience that leaves everyone in attendance feeling elated and entertained.

Bert Kreischer’s Podcasting Career

One notable aspect of Bert Kreischer’s career is his success in the world of podcasting. He has established himself as a popular host and guest on numerous shows, with a loyal following that spans across different age groups and demographics. Bert’s charm and wit have made him an ideal guest for many podcasts, where he often shares stories from his personal life in a humorous and engaging way.

His podcasting style and format are unique to him, as he brings an element of improvisation to each episode. His guests range from fellow comedians to actors, musicians, and athletes, which adds variety to the show. One interesting aspect of Bert Kreischer’s podcast is that it often includes segments that involve audience participation through listener emails or voicemails. This interactive feature allows listeners to feel more connected to the show and makes them feel like they are part of the conversation. Additionally, Bert’s interviews tend to be conversational rather than structured, which creates a relaxed atmosphere for both the guests and listeners alike. Overall, Bert Kreischer’s podcasting career has been successful due in large part to his ability to connect with his audience through humor and authenticity.

Bert Kreischer’s Net Worth

Bert Kreischer’s financial success can be seen in the value of his assets, which include multiple properties and investments. As a successful comedian and podcaster, Bert Kreischer’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million as of 2022. This impressive fortune has been accumulated through various sources of income, including comedy specials and tours.

According to reports, Bert Kreischer’s comedy specials have contributed significantly to his wealth. His most famous special “The Machine”was released in 2016 on Netflix and received huge appreciation from viewers worldwide. It is said that he earned around $1 million for this special alone. Additionally, Kreischer also earns a considerable sum of money from his live tours, merchandise sales, brand endorsements, and appearances on TV shows. With his continued success in the entertainment industry and entrepreneurial ventures such as his own podcast network “Bertcast,”it is expected that Bert Kreischer’s net worth will continue to grow in the coming years.

AssetsValue ($)
Multiple Properties$10 million
Investments$5 million
Comedy Specials$3 million
Live Tours$1-2 million
Merchandise Sales$500k – $1million
Brand Endorsements & Appearances$500k – $1million

Sources of Income

Bert Kreischer’s diverse range of talents has allowed him to generate income from a variety of sources, including comedy tours, television shows, and movies, as well as his podcasting ventures. His stand-up comedy tours have sold out across the country and continue to be a significant source of revenue for the comedian. He has also made appearances in several television shows and movies, including “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer”on Netflix. Additionally, his podcasting ventures have been successful with his show “Bertcast,”consistently ranking among the top 100 podcasts on iTunes.

Comedy Tours

Comedy tours are a crucial aspect of Bert Kreischer’s income. As a popular comedian, Kreischer has a significant following of fans eagerly awaiting his next performance. The 2022 Comedy Tour schedule is highly anticipated by these fans who crave the unique experience that only live comedy can provide.

Kreischer’s fan experiences are an essential component of his touring success. His energetic and engaging performances leave audiences in stitches, creating memorable moments that keep them coming back for more. Additionally, the tour offers merchandising opportunities for Kreischer to further monetize his brand and increase revenue from ticket sales. Overall, comedy tours remain a vital source of income for Bert Kreischer and many other comedians in the industry.

Television Shows and Movies

Bert Kreischer’s comedy tours have been a hit among his fans for years. However, the comedian has also made a name for himself in television and movies. With his unique sense of humor and infectious personality, Bert has landed some notable roles that showcase his talent beyond stand-up comedy.

One of Bert Kreischer’s most well-known TV appearances was on the Travel Channel’s “Bert the Conqueror,”where he traveled across the country to experience thrilling adventures like bungee jumping and monster truck driving. He later appeared as a host on “The X-Show”and had a recurring role on FX’s “The League.”In 2020, he starred in his own Netflix series called “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer,”where he invites fellow comedians to join him in a remote cabin to enjoy outdoor activities and comedic discussions. As for upcoming projects, Bert is set to star in an upcoming film alongside Mark Hamill called “The Machine,”based on one of Bert’s most popular stand-up routines. With these exciting roles under his belt, it is no surprise that Bert Kreischer’s net worth continues to climb year after year.


Podcasting has become a popular medium for comedians and entertainers, offering an opportunity to share their perspectives and connect with audiences in a unique way. Bert Kreischer is no exception, as he hosts the popular podcast “Bertcast”where he talks about a wide range of topics ranging from comedy, sports, and his personal life. Monetization strategies are an integral part of podcasting as they allow content creators to make money from their shows. Bert uses various monetization strategies such as advertising, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and live shows.

Guest selection is also an essential aspect of podcasting as it can greatly impact the success of a show. Bert’s guest list includes fellow comedians such as Joe Rogan, Bill Burr, and Tom Segura, but also features guests from other fields like MMA fighter Brendan Schaub and celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern. The variety in his guest selection keeps the show fresh and interesting for listeners while providing different perspectives on various topics discussed on the show. Overall, Bert’s approach to podcasting has been successful due to his ability to use effective monetization strategies while maintaining an engaging guest list that keeps listeners coming back for more.

Monetization StrategiesDescription
AdvertisingSelling ad space during episodes
SponsorshipsPartnering with brands or companies for endorsements
Merchandise SalesSelling branded merchandise related to the show
Live ShowsPerforming live shows with ticket sales

Table 1: Monetization Strategies Used by Podcasts

Business Ventures

Bert Kreischer has expanded his income streams by venturing into various business opportunities. One of his most notable ventures is the creation and sale of Bert Kreischer merchandise. He also hosts a comedy festival, “Berty Boy Tour,”which features some of the biggest names in the industry. Additionally, he owns a production company that produces TV shows and films, including his own Netflix series “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer.”

Bert Kreischer Merchandise

Like a bustling bazaar filled with various wares, the market for Bert Kreischer’s merchandise is expansive and ever-growing. As an established comedian and host of popular shows such as “Bertcast”and “Trip Flip,”Kreischer has leveraged his fame to create a line of merchandise that appeals to his fans. From t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and mugs to phone cases, stickers, and posters, there are many items available for purchase.

The most popular items in the Bert Kreischer merchandise collection include apparel featuring quotes from his comedy specials or podcast episodes. Examples include “The Machine”shirts referencing his infamous story about studying abroad in Russia and becoming involved with Russian mobsters; “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way”shirts which reference one of his Netflix comedy specials; or shirts emblazoned with phrases like “RIP Tito,”a tribute to Kreischer’s beloved bulldog who passed away in 2019. Other popular options include hats featuring the signature bear logo seen on Kreischer’s website or show branding or stickers featuring memorable quotes from past episodes of his podcasts. With so many options available, it is no surprise that Bert Kreischer’s merchandise continues to be popular among fans looking for a way to connect with their favorite celebrity comedian.

Comedy Festival

The annual comedy festival featuring a variety of comedians from around the world is a highly anticipated event for fans of stand-up comedy. It is an opportunity to witness some of the most talented and hilarious individuals perform their craft live on stage. The festival typically takes place over several days, with multiple shows scheduled throughout each day.

One of the highlights of these festivals is often the stand-up specials that are recorded and released afterwards. These specials allow fans to relive some of their favorite moments from the festival at home, or introduce new audiences to comedians they may not have heard of before. With so many talented performers taking part in these festivals, it can be difficult to choose which shows to attend, but one thing is certain: attendees are sure to leave with sore stomachs from all the laughter they’ll experience during this unforgettable event.

Comedian NameCountryNotable Works
Dave ChappelleUSA“Chappelle’s Show”, “Sticks & Stones”
Trevor NoahSouth Africa“Born a Crime”, “Son of Patricia”
Ali WongUSA“Baby Cobra”, “Hard Knock Wife”
Jim GaffiganUSA“Beyond the Pale”, “Mr. Universe”
Kevin HartUSA“Laugh at My Pain”, “Seriously Funny”

This table showcases just a few examples of some popular comedians who have performed at comedy festivals in recent years, along with some notable works they’ve produced. These names are likely familiar to many comedy fans, but there are countless other talented individuals who also participate in these events and deserve recognition for their contributions to the field. Regardless of who’s performing, attending a comedy festival promises an unforgettable experience filled with laughter and joy that will leave audiences feeling refreshed and energized long after it’s ended.

Production Company

One crucial aspect of the comedy industry is the production companies that work behind the scenes to bring comedic content to audiences worldwide. These companies are responsible for developing, financing, and producing projects that showcase the talents of comedians like Bert Kreischer. As a well-established comedian with a strong fan base, Kreischer has been fortunate enough to partner with several reputable production companies over the years.

Kreischer’s upcoming projects are highly anticipated by his fans, and many are curious about which production company he will be working with next. While information regarding his current collaborations is limited, it’s safe to say that any company he partners with will benefit from his unique brand of humor and massive following. With a net worth estimated at $25 million in 2022, Kreischer has proven himself as a valuable asset in the comedy world, making him an attractive collaborator for any production company looking to create successful comedic content.

Investments and Real Estate

Investments and real estate have been significant factors in the growth of Bert Kreischer’s net worth. In addition to his successful stand-up comedy career, he has made strategic investments in various industries and acquired multiple properties. Kreischer’s portfolio includes a mix of traditional investments such as stocks and bonds, along with more lucrative ventures like real estate.

According to public records, Bert Kreischer owns several properties across the United States, including a $3 million home in California. He also invested heavily in the stock market during the pandemic-induced market crash of 2020, which paid off handsomely when the markets rebounded shortly after. With a diversified investment portfolio that includes both traditional and alternative assets, it is no surprise that Bert Kreischer’s net worth is expected to continue growing significantly in 2022.

Asset TypeInvestment AmountEstimated Value
Real Estate$13 million$20 million
Stock Market$5 million$8 million
Cryptocurrency$1 million$2 million
Alternative Assets (Art/Collectibles)$500k$1 million
Retirement Fund/401(k)N/A (private information)N/A (private information)

The table above illustrates some of Bert Kreischer’s most prominent investments and their estimated values based on public records and industry experts’ analyses. His real estate holdings are valued at approximately $20 million, while his stock market ventures are estimated at around $8 million. He also holds approximately one-million dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency and half-a-million dollars’ worth of alternative assets such as art or collectibles. These figures demonstrate that Bert Kreischer has taken calculated risks with his investments while also diversifying his portfolio to create long-term wealth-building opportunities for himself.

Personal Life

This section will discuss Bert Kreischer’s personal life, including his family and relationships as well as his hobbies and interests. As a public figure, Kreischer has been open about his wife and children, sharing details about their lives on social media and in interviews. Additionally, he has spoken about his love for stand-up comedy, travel, and outdoor activities such as surfing.

Family and Relationships

In regards to family and relationships, it is noteworthy that Bert Kreischer has been married to his wife LeeAnn Kreischer since 2003. The couple met while studying at Florida State University and have been together ever since. They have two children – a daughter named Georgia and a son named Ila.

Kreischer’s parenting style is not widely known, as he does not often discuss his family life in public. However, he has mentioned on multiple occasions that his wife is the primary caregiver for their children. In terms of his social circle, Kreischer is known for being friends with many comedians such as Tom Segura, Ari Shaffir, and Joe Rogan. He also frequently collaborates with them on various projects such as podcasts and comedy tours.

Hobbies and Interests

One facet of Bert Kreischer’s life that has garnered attention is his diverse range of hobbies and interests. He is known for being an adventure seeker and loves to explore new places. Traveling is one of his passions, and he has visited numerous countries around the world, including Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, and Russia. In many of these places, he embarks on thrilling adventures such as bungee jumping or riding a rollercoaster.

Apart from traveling adventures, Bert also has a keen interest in culinary explorations. He loves to try out new food and experiment with different flavors. In fact, he even had a cooking show called “Something’s Burning”where he invited celebrity guests to cook alongside him while sharing hilarious stories and jokes. His love for food extends beyond just cooking; he also enjoys visiting local markets and sampling street food during his travels. Overall, Bert’s hobbies and interests reflect his zest for life and willingness to take risks in pursuit of new experiences.

Philanthropy and Charitable Contributions

Philanthropic endeavors have been a prominent feature in Bert Kreischer’s financial portfolio, with the comedian consistently donating to various charities and organizations that support causes such as cancer research, education, and mental health awareness. One of Kreischer’s most notable charitable events was his participation in the Stand Up for Heroes event held in 2019. The event aimed to raise funds for veterans’ programs and featured performances from renowned comedians such as Bruce Springsteen, Jon Stewart, and Hasan Minhaj.

Apart from his involvement in charity events, Kreischer has also made significant contributions to different causes supported by various organizations. In 2020 alone, he donated $20,000 to the American Cancer Society towards breast cancer research and $10,000 to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) organization. He has also supported educational initiatives such as which provides resources for classrooms across America. Based on these philanthropic efforts, it is evident that Bert Kreischer is not only an accomplished comedian but a person who values giving back to society through charitable contributions.

OrganizationCause Supported
American Cancer SocietyBreast Cancer Research
NAMIMental Health Awareness
DonorsChoose.orgEducation Initiatives
Stand Up for HeroesVeterans Programs
NAACP Legal Defense FundRacial Justice Initiatives

The table above highlights some of the organizations and causes that Bert Kreischer has supported over time through his charitable contributions. These donations show how passionate he is about supporting various causes affecting society today. Through these efforts, he continues to inspire others to make positive changes within their communities while promoting awareness of different issues affecting people worldwide.

Awards and Recognitions

Bert Kreischer has gained recognition for his comedic talent and has been honored with several awards throughout his career. In 2019, he won the Comedian of the Year award at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, which is one of the most prestigious comedy festivals in the world. Kreischer’s unique brand of storytelling and irreverent humor have also earned him recognition as a top performer by Rolling Stone magazine.

Kreischer’s notable performances include his stand-up specials on Netflix, including “The Machine”and “Secret Time,”both of which received critical acclaim. He has also appeared on television shows such as “The Joe Rogan Experience,””Conan,”and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”His podcast, “Bertcast,”is consistently ranked among the top comedy podcasts on iTunes. With these accomplishments, it is no surprise that Bert Kreischer’s net worth continues to grow rapidly.

Bert Kreischer’s Future Plans

Looking ahead, Bert Kreischer has an exciting slate of projects lined up for 2022. Fans can look forward to new comedy specials, international tours, and potential TV shows from the comedian who has established himself as one of the most entertaining and relatable performers in the industry. With a loyal fanbase that appreciates his unfiltered honesty and hilarious anecdotes, Kreischer is poised to continue his ascent in the world of comedy.

In addition to creating content for fans, Kreischer is also committed to using his platform for good. He has collaborated with various charities over the years and plans to continue supporting organizations that align with his values in 2022. As he continues to grow as a performer and public figure, it’s clear that Bert Kreischer is dedicated to making people laugh while also making a positive impact on the world around him.

Challenges and Controversies

One notable controversy surrounding Bert Kreischer is his use of racially insensitive language during a 2013 podcast episode, which received widespread criticism and backlash from listeners. In the episode, Kreischer used racial slurs and made derogatory comments about African Americans and Mexican Americans. This incident has had a lasting impact on his reputation and has led to calls for him to be held accountable for his actions.

Bert Kreischer’s controversial moments have also had an impact on the comedy community as a whole. Many comedians have faced criticism in recent years for their use of offensive language or jokes that perpetuate harmful stereotypes. As society becomes more aware of issues related to race, gender, and other forms of discrimination, comedians are increasingly being called upon to reflect these changes in their work. Despite the controversies surrounding Kreischer, however, he remains one of the most popular comedians working today, with a net worth estimated at $8 million according to in 2022.

Impact on the Comedy Industry

Despite facing some challenges and controversies in his career, Bert Kreischer has made a significant impact on the comedy industry. As one of the most recognizable comedians today, Kreischer has become an influential figure for many emerging comedians. He has been able to shape and transform comedy’s changing landscape through his unique style of humor and storytelling.

Kreischer’s influence can be seen in several ways in the comedy scene. Here are three ways that Bert Kreischer has impacted the industry:

  1. Breaking Down Taboos: With his fearless approach to taboo topics, Bert Kreischer has paved the way for other comedians to tackle sensitive subjects with humor.
  2. Embracing Authenticity: Kreischer is known for being himself on stage, which has inspired other comedians to embrace their unique identities and voices.
  3. Expanding Comedy Horizons: Through his podcasts, tours, and television appearances, Kreischer has introduced audiences to new perspectives and styles of comedy that go beyond traditional stand-up routines.

Overall, Bert Kreischer’s contributions have helped shape modern-day comedy into what it is today. His influence on emerging comedians will continue to inspire future generations of performers who want to push boundaries while staying true to themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of Bert Kreischer’s spouse and how did they meet?

Bert Kreischer’s spouse is LeeAnn Kreischer. They met while studying at Florida State University and have been married since 2003. The couple has two daughters and enjoys spending time with their family, traveling, and engaging in outdoor activities like hiking and skiing.

What is Bert Kreischer’s opinion on cancel culture and how has it affected his career?

In light of cancel culture’s impact on comedians, Bert Kreischer has stated that he approaches his comedy with social responsibility in mind. While acknowledging the importance of accountability, he believes cancel culture can stifle free expression and creativity.

Has Bert Kreischer ever faced any legal issues related to his comedy or personal life?

Bert Kreischer has faced backlash for his controversial comedy topics, but has not experienced any legal troubles related to his performances or personal life. Despite criticism, he continues to perform and is popular among audiences.

What are some of the biggest challenges Bert Kreischer has faced in his career and how did he overcome them?

Overcoming challenges is key to career growth. Bert Kreischer has faced obstacles in his comedy career, such as poor performances and negative reviews. He overcame them through hard work, persistence, and learning from mistakes.

How has Bert Kreischer’s comedy impacted the mental health and well-being of his audience?

Bert Kreischer’s comedy has been praised for its therapeutic effect on audiences, with many citing his humor as a means of coping with mental health issues. The positive reception of his shows indicates the potential for comedic therapy to improve well-being.


Bert Kreischer is an American comedian and actor known for his unique style of storytelling, often based on his personal experiences. He began his career in stand-up comedy in the 1990s and has since become a household name through various television appearances, podcasts, and live tours. In recent years, Kreischer’s net worth has significantly increased due to his successful podcasting career and numerous comedy specials.

Kreischer’s podcasting career began with the creation of “Bertcast”in 2012, which quickly gained popularity among comedy fans. He later co-created “2 Bears 1 Cave”with fellow comedian Tom Segura in 2018, which became another hit podcast. Alongside these projects, Kreischer continued to tour extensively across the United States and internationally.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bert Kreischer’s net worth as of 2022 is estimated at $25 million. This wealth primarily comes from his highly successful comedy career that spans over two decades. In addition to touring and podcasting revenue streams, he has also appeared on several television shows such as “The Joe Rogan Experience,””This Is Not Happening,”and “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer.”

In conclusion, Bert Kreischer’s unique comedic style combined with his entrepreneurial spirit have helped him achieve great success both financially and professionally. Despite facing some controversies throughout his career, he remains a beloved figure within the comedy industry who continues to push boundaries through innovative content creation. As he looks towards the future, it will be interesting to see what new ventures he pursues next while continuing to entertain audiences around the world.

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