Simplified Loan Solutions Underwriting

Have you heard about the Simplified Loan Solutions underwriting, or perhaps you already know about it but you need to know whether it’s legit or not? Don’t worry the answer is right here. Hard times may come and it may warrant you to take a loan so as to be able to solve one or two problems, this might make you resort to simplified loans. 

Some of our readers even confirmed that they received a phone call from this loan department telling them how to go about the loan applications and with the increments in scamming cases they decided to seek information to know whether it’s a scam scheme or not. Worry no more as we will clarify this issue as soon as possible.

Simplified Loan Solutions usually promise their users a loan of up to $75,000 after they have reviewed their underwriting, they are based in the United States of America. Over the months, we have received mixed reviews about this private loan organization that makes it hard for us to determine whether they are legit or not. We know we can’t decide for you, that’s why we will be dropping the simplified loan solutions underwriting reviews here so as for you to know whether it’s good for you or not.

Simplified Loan Solutions Underwriting

Before we proceed, we figured out that it’s best for us to explain what this underwriting of a thing means. The meaning of underwriting is a review of your transaction history  i.e the amount you received monthly or yearly. This underwriting will make them know the amount you are liable to borrow. With this underwriting, they will be able to determine whether you will be able to pay the amount you lend or not.

It’s not only simplified loans that indulge in this, other loan apps and organizations also need your underwriting so as to be able to know whether you will be able to repay the amount you are requesting for or not.

The person looking to take this loan must be able to provide this underwriting for simplified loan for them to check the details of the application and documentation, they may also conduct an interview so as to be able to know the reason why you are collecting this loan. After they have finished with all these processes, they will review your application so as to be able to decide whether they should approve your loan or not.

Is Simplified Loan Solutions Underwriting Legit?

With the mixed reviews we have seen online, we can’t particularly say if it’s a scam or not. However we will be dropping some of the reviews here. Amidst the reviews is a user that said she received a phone call from someone claiming they are Simplified Loan Solutions Underwriting, and they have checked her credit score and it’s low.

She added that they said she should pay the sum of $500 so as to be able to boost her credit score to be liable for a larger amount of loan. This makes people wonder if this private loan organization is legit or scam.


According to the reviews we have seen online , some users said they collected $2500.00 from them and promised to give a $60, 000.00 loan, but in the end they did not. 

Difference Between Simplified loan solutions And Simplified Lending Solutions

People usually mix this up. They may be similar in name but please they are not the same. Simplified loan solutions is a body that borrows people Money in the United States while Simplified Lending Solutions is a private company that provides ease in Loan borrowing for people, especially real estate mortgage loans for both residential and commercial customers.

Factors that affect Loan Solutions

  • The borrower’s credit score is one of the factors that will be considered before you can receive a loan allocation. The higher your credit score the higher your loan allocation will be. It also shows whether a borrower can be able to pay the loan being allocated to them or not. And also wether they have a pending loan which they haven’t cleared.
  • Lenders often make investigations so as to be able to know whether the monthly or yearly income of the borrower is enough to pay for the loan or not. This allows the lender to be able to determine the amount most suitable for a borrower. It also serves as proof whether a borrower’s salary will be enough to repay a loan or not.

After Lenders have reviewed the borrower’s transaction history, they will be able to know whether or not a borrower has a pending loan which they haven’t paid for or not. Pls be aware that if you haven’t settled a previous loan, the chances of  you getting another one is very slim.

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